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Behind the Scenes in Melbourne

Posted 06 mars 2014, 09:17 , by Sharon Lewin, AIDS 2014 Local Co-Chair

First published on on 5 March 2014

Sharon LewinI think all of us who have attended an International AIDS Conference in some capacity will agree that events of this kind are few and far between. I go to many conferences both as a delegate and speaker and nothing rivals the pure energy, colour and emotion that International AIDS conferences bring to the people that attend them, in the first instance and secondly, to the cities that host them.

In the broader public's mind of course, some of these conferences have been defined by the history- defining moments that they facilitated: the announcement of the first antiretrovirals at the Vancouver conference in 1996 was undoubtedly one of the great scientific breakthroughs of the past century ; the "life saving " speech delivered by the great late Nelson Mandela More...