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Stronger Together

Posted 13 juin 2014, 10:35 , by Conference Secretariat

By Sébastien Morin, IAS-ILF Research Officer

The International AIDS Society (IAS) recognizes the crucial role that a diversity of stakeholders, including industry, plays in the response to the HIV epidemic and also values the involvement of and dialogue with many key stakeholders. Only through a fully multi‑stakeholder approach can critical gaps in HIV research and implementation strategies be identified and effective solutions developed for addressing them.

At AIDS 2014, the IAS will convene a large group of diverse industry stakeholders for a bi-directional consultation. This closed meeting will be an occasion for the IAS to present its strategic programmes and priorities (e.g., Key Affected Populations, Paediatrics/CIPHER, Towards an HIV Cure, Journal of the International AIDS Society, Prizes and Awards/Grants and Fellowships) while getting insights from industry partners regarding their interests in order to foster further collaboration. Following short presentations by IAS Governing Council More...