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Better and Smarter Investments in the HIV Response

Posted 20 juin 2014, 03:16 , by Guest

By Dr. Mark Dybul, Executive Director, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The story of the fight against HIV is the story of the human family coming together. A decade ago, the disease was snuffing out lives at villages and neighborhoods at a seemingly unstoppable pace. Life expectancy in entire countries was being cut down by a decade or more. The old and the young were dying in pain and all alone in their communities, shamed in many cases by their own families and friends.

Since then, courageous activism, political leadership and a massive increase in resources have changed the AIDS landscape dramatically. Scientific advances and our experience on the ground now give us the historic opportunity to end HIV as an epidemic and turn it into low-level endemicity. More...