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HIV/AIDS: The Australian Response

Posted 15 septembre 2013, 10:13 , by Sharon Lewin, AIDS 2014 Local Co-Chair

First published on on 2 May 2013

Sharon LewinThe recent global news story that a newborn child in the US had been "functionally" cured of HIV was a powerful reminder of just how far we have come in the past three decades. The "Mississippi Baby" encapsulates the hope that many of us now share - to one day finding a cure for HIV. It also reminds us of the great contribution that Science has made in transforming what was once a death sentence into a chronic manageable disease.

HIV treatments can now transform lives; antiretrovirals are highly effective, and if started at the right time, the life expectancy of someone living with HIV is the same as an uninfected person. Treatment also dramatically reduces HIV transmission. These striking scientific advances have led many to believe that seeing an end to AIDS is no longer a dream - but within our reach now. The challenge now is marshalling the required forces -- scientific, clinical, political and funding - to do what we know works. More...